Know your batteries inside out

In science, knowledge and data are key. The same goes for energy storage systems.

Data Analysis

Health Forecast

Real Time Monitoring

Warranty Tracking

Renewable energy needs reliable batteries

We’re convinced that smart energy storage systems are a key technology for a 100 % sustainable energy landscape. We contribute to the transformation to reduce global warming and create a livable world for future generations.

We’re independent and transparent. We understand the energy market, applications, customer needs and technology. We make our knowledge easily accessible. So you can use it for commercial and industrial (C&I) as well as the utility scale market.

Smart software for sustainable energy storage systems

The more efficient and reliable the storage system, the more it contributes to the sustainable energy transformation – and to your profits.

Our software hands you the tools to make sustainable energy storage systems intelligent and profitable. Constantly monitor your batteries, analyze the data, receive lifetime and state of health forecasts. Optimize your business models with pre-designed operational strategies.

Commercial & Industrial as well as the Utility-Scale Energy Storage Market

We are focused on the european market providing expertise and experience regarding technology, market and applications

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